Meghana Sastry is a photojournalist from Bangalore, the silicon valley of India . She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication. With a passion for storytelling,  she is a well known for her tenacity and photo stories coupled with writing.

Photojournalism is her teenage dream that got lost as life took over only to come back and follow her heart. Her passion lies in social causes especially women, children, and the environment. She aims to make a difference in this world with her work and touch lives. Having said this, she also breaks the monotony and brings a smile with some positive stories. Boundaries are invisible to her as she travels to anywhere in her pursuit of a story. Her work on the LGBT community was exhibited in the Museum of Goa in November 2018 at the ‘Freedom in the Air’ exhibition.

She has worked with multiple national dailies in India which are The Indian Express, Mint, Times of India, and joined The New Indian Express in 2019 as an in-house photojournalist. She is currently working as an Independent photojournalist hoping to make a difference in the world with her work.

Growing up in a family that loves art, literature, history, and sports, narrating stories comes to her naturally. Coming from this cosmopolitan city, she can speak English, Hindi, and Kannada. When she is not working on a story or an assignment, she spends her time making some craft or playing with paints.

Meghana Sastry

Meghana Sastry is a female photojournalist from Bangalore with a Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication and a passion to unearth stories. She is a Daily Photojournalist who is known for her tenacity and photo stories coupled with writing.
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